wind chill factory

As a school aged child I thought that the wind chill factor was a place, an actually factory that was used to record and report meteorological data, similar to airports and other regionally significant locations. I was so confident in my understanding that I even knew where the wind chill factory was located. From the village where I grew up, heading west on US 12 towards Michigan City, Indiana there once stood a factory on the north side of the highway just outside of town. I remember the factory rather vividly. It was a dark colored masonry building located within mere feet of passing traffic. The lights inside were always on, the windows, man doors and truck doors were always opened no matter the weather outside. Smoke ceaselessly billowed from rooftop stacks and orange flames shot from furnaces deep inside. The actual wind chill factory of my youth no longer exists.

Today the wind chill factory is the detached 2 car garage in the backyard of our home near lake michigan's southern shore. The WCF is P2's primary production facility. It's where ideas are hatched and thrashed out. The wonderment embodied in wind chill factory of my childhood is the driving force behind everything P2 does. Come on inside, let us show you around the WCF.